Fuel and other tanks:

Number and capacity: 2 main fuel tanks totalling 5299 L (1400 gallons) with one centerline aluminium “Day Tank” at 264.95 L (70 gallons) which will gravity feed from main wing tanks
Fuel system includes an aluminium supply reservoir, which feeds by gravity from both fuel tanks. Top part of supply reservoir to hold approximately 7.6 L (2 gallons) and fitted with a sight gauge with a 3.8 L (one gallon) range and .4 L (10th gallon) marks for fuel consumption checks (supply lines are turned off and fuel is consumed from reservoir). Bottom part of reservoir to be approximately 295.3 L (78 gallons) fitted with a drain off at the bottom of the reservoir for water purging and with a water sensor – illuminating a light in wheelhouse if excessive water is present. Reservoir fitted with four draw spigots for main, generator, wing engine and spare – mounted at lower level of reservoir but above water sensing probe. All returns from main, wing and generator plumbed into reservoir

Water Tank:
Number and capacity: 1 baffled tank totalling 1514 L (400 gallons)

Grey Water Tank:
Galley sink, head sinks, shower sumps and washing machine drain to 416.4 L (110 gallon) sump tank. Each drain has appropriate water trap to control odours. Sump includes Sealand Tank Watch 4 level indicator and a Sealand T24 Waste Pump fitted with an Ultra Jr. pump switch and auto/manual control panel. Whale/Henderson #BP0527 hand operated diaphragm bilge pump installed in line with Sealand T12 for manual pumping of gray water tank.

Fresh water:

Fresh water pressure pump: (1) – 12v/24v Jabsco Sensor Max

Fresh water wash down bow, stern and engine room. Uses house fresh water pump.

Fresh water spigot added to stack base on the boat deck

Toilet System:

Tecma Silence Plus Heads fresh water flush only
Holding tank pump: Sealand T-24, 24 volt plus Whale/Henderson hand operated diaphragm pumps  installed in-line with each other.

Water Maker:

New- Watermaker: HRO Seafari Versatile Self-Contained 900-2 -(2019)