About us

About us

Mario, Captain

Born in 1969, grew up in Heinsberg/Germany, started an apprenticeship as an energy plant electronics technician at Sophia Jacoba, a coal mine in Hückelhoven, after school. After further training at the Derne power plant and technical college for electrical engineering, he obtained a state examination as an electrical engineer. Since 1999 he is self-employed and founded several companies in the field of eCommerce and diagnostics/biotechnology. Today he is CEO of magtivio B.V., a leading company in the field of magnetic separation systems for diagnostics.

Silvia, co-Skipper

Born in 1972, grew up in Solingen/Germany. Since years she is working as a house keeper for families. She is the best crew chef on earth. She never thinks about herself and she tries to support everyone.

Finn, the golden boy….

We always lived with dogs. They are part of our family and part of our life. Finn (Call me Chance) is a big Golden Retreiver which is always happy, needs a lot of love and loves to be in the water. He was born 02/2012 and we hope that our oldie will be with us for a long time still.