Maintenance 2021/22 (Overview)
Maintenance 2021/22 (Overview)

Maintenance 2021/22 (Overview)

Mid of November 2021 we did a Survey on the “Spirit of Friendship”, a Nordhavn 47, build in 2009.

The quality of the boat was good, although there are a few things which need some attention. In general, we have defined ToDo lists. The boat stays in NAUTICA RANIERI – BARI for all repairs and makeovers.

Topics to address:

  1. Underwater Ship
    • old Anti fouling removal
    • new Epoxy Primer
    • SEAJET 039 platinum – Primer and Anti fouling
    • SEAJET Pellerclean
    • New Anodes
  2. Safety Equipment
    • New Fire Extinguishers (5)
    • Audit and approval of the engine room fire suppression system
    • New EPIRB
    • reactivate HF-SSB Radio for emergency communication
  3. Deck / Engine Room – Gel Coat repairs / polishing
    • Multiple repairs and makeover
    • Rust removal & polishing of all stainless steel parts
    • complete wax and polishing of the entire boat
  4. Design (the red stripes will be changed)
  5. Technical overhauls
    • fixing leaking water pump from Generator
    • new Wipers, fixing window wash system
    • restore heads and water system
    • restore HAVAC system

…and many things more 🙂

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